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to guard the German Bight. She had made several training cruises in the Baltic by November 1918; she was in Kiel during the Kiel mutiny in the closing days of the war. Many questions can be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section. During this period, her last coal-fired boilers were replaced with oil-fired models. Her guard ship duties in the Elbe ended on 27 July, when she was withdrawn from service and converted into a training ship for engine room personnel and new recruits. Over the course of the following three years, Schlesien embarked on several overseas training cruises as part of the Training Inspectorate. Beware Raiders!: German Surface Raiders in the Second World War.

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In March 1916, Schlesien was employed as a target ship for U-boats. At a cruising speed of 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph she could steam for 4,770 nautical miles (8,830 km; 5,490 mi). She was primarily occupied with training cruises and fleet maneuvers in her early career. One was in the bow, one in the stern, and four on the broadside. After commissioning, Schlesien was assigned to, i Battle Squadron of the, high Seas Fleet, later being transferred. Last of the Line: The German Battleships of the Braunschweig and Deutschland Classes. British destroyers conducted a series of attacks against the fleet, some of which targeted Schlesien. Ausbildung und Forschung in Bahntechnologie Mobilität, Gesundheit, Informatik Security, Medien Digitale Technologien, Medien Wirtschaft und Soziales. She was taken under tow by the destroyer Z39 back to Swinemünde, where her anti-aircraft guns could be used to help defend the city.

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SMS, schlesien a was one of five, deutschland -class pre-dreadnought battleships built for the German, kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy) between 19Named after the German province. In January 1941, she was reactivated to again serve as an icebreaker in the Baltic until 31 March, when she was again decommissioned in Gotenhafen, thereafter being used as a stationary training hulk with a skeleton crew. On, the annual summer cruise to Norway began. She then returned to training ship duties, and from January to March 1940 served as an icebreaker to allow U-boats to operate. In May 1927, President Paul von Hindenburg came to Wilhelmshaven to visit the fleet. Icebreaker service again summoned the vessel to active service from January to April 1942. She served with the fleet throughout the first two years. From 3 April to 6 June, Schlesien embarked on a major training cruise by herself to the Mediterranean Sea, during which she visited Messina, Sicily, where her senior officers met King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy. As they had fallen behind, the ships of II Battle Squadron could not conform to the new course following the turn. Gardiner, Robert; Chesneau, Roger, eds. The work was completed on, and she thereafter entered service with the crew from Hannover. She was then used to carry more than 1,000 wounded soldiers from Sopot to Swinemünde, where she also restocked her ammunition. She was used briefly again to train cadets to operate boilers and engines; on 1 December, she was again removed from service. Early on the morning of 3 May, while steaming south of Greifswalder Oie, she struck a British air-dropped naval mine; the explosion killed swinger clubs münchen forum devot two men and caused significant flooding. Jutland 1916: Clash of the Dreadnoughts. The main battery turrets had 280 mm-thick (11 in) sides. She served in this capacity from 20 August to In late April, Schlesien was taken into the drydock at the Kaiserliche Werft (Imperial Shipyard) in Wilhelmshaven to be converted into a training ship for naval cadets. On 2 May, she was ordered to protect the Peenebrücke Wolgast de bridge that connected Wolgast and the island of Usedom. The German fleet reached Wilhelmshaven a few hours later, where the undamaged dreadnoughts of the Nassau and Helgoland classes took up defensive positions. Scheer decided to reverse the course of the fleet with the Gefechtskehrtwendung, a maneuver that required every unit in the German line to turn 180 simultaneously. As Germany began to prepare for war with the Soviet Union in early 1941, Schlesien was reactivated on 30 April to protect minelayers along with Schleswig-Holstein as they laid a series of minefields in the Baltic to prevent the. You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype. In this case, the L/40 gun is 40 caliber, meaning that the gun is 40 times long as it is in diameter. Instead, he attempted to place his ships at the head of the line. Footnotes edit Notes edit "SMS" stands for " Seiner Majestät Schiff or "His Majesty's Ship" in German. He and the crew remained aboard, and on 14 November they took the ship back to Kiel, where they were released from service on 20 November. The crew was also altered; the standard crew had been 35 officers and 708 enlisted men; after the conversion, this was reduced to 29 officers and 559 sailors, supplemented by 214 cadets. A shipyard crew took the ship from Danzig to Kiel in March 1908 for her final fitting-out. Squadron exercises in the Baltic followed from 11 to 22 May. Late on the 31st, the fleet organized for the night return to Germany; Schlesien and Schleswig-Holstein fell in behind the mauled battlecruisers Von der Tann and Derfflinger at the rear of the line. From 31 January to 9 February 1917, she served in the Danish straits as a guard ship, and also as an icebreaker, after which she returned to the Elbe.

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